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Build betting systems with millions of data points with Bet Labs. No coding required.

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Build Your System

Make your own betting systems from millions of data points. No coding required.

Explore Pro Systems

Get instant access to hundreds of systems made by the Pros at Bet Labs.

No Coding Required

It’s as easy as point and click. With fast-updating results, you’ll have a winning system in minutes.

ZCode™ Prediction Model features:

80+ Parameters in calculation

Every single detail you can think of is there

Automatic prediction model

Computer Generated picks

Hot Trends - easy to follow

Ride the winning trend

Transparent Performance

Fully verified picks and predictions since 1999

Backtest approach like in Forex

Each system goes through advanced backtests and forward-tests

We don't gamble. We Trade Sports.

When you want to grow your bankroll, there is no room for luck or chance.

Only pure math and a statistical winning edge will bring you profits!

Take a look at top fully automated systems you could follow:

Full portfolio total profit: $10245067

We have everything covered and eliminated every hurdle and impediment there could possibly be!

The ZCode™ Membership Includes:

VIP Membership with instant access to all the Winning Sports Picks!

Video tutorials showing you EXACTLY how to use our winning predictions & picks.. easy-to-understand, even if you know nothing of sports at all.

A comprehensive Guide, FAQ & Money management System already in place. No more guesswork. The FULL 100% blueprint for extra income right at your fingertips.

Well-trained, friendly Support team lead by our support chief, Anny.

ZCode™ VIP Club Pass:

Fully Automatic Sports Picks with 100% transparent performance since 1999

No guesswork, easy to use even if you have no clue about sports. Copy-paste winners!

THE community of winning Experts that DO WIN in sports and have been for years

You are not alone. You are amongst people who make their living by betting Sports professionally

Professional Tools to help you win - Line Reversals, Total predictors, Oscillators

Everything you need to win is at your fingertips!

Only $499/month $198/month as long as you use it. You can cancel any time. Full refund guarantee! (Use Special Early Bird 15% OFF Discount Coupon: EARLYBIRD15OFF Only between 22 September 2019 and 25 September 2019! Hurry up)

ZCodeSystem Featured Games:

An Industry First...

Never has anyone in the betting niche given out a service or product to make money first and be charged later because they know it fails in the end!

The performance was fully verified by thousands of people who followed us on facebook during the beta-testing period, commenting on every win or loss.

When you are winning, you don’t have to hide your results. That’s why we agreed to perform a public monitoring of our results on an independent pick-monitor as well.

Over the past 5 YEARS, we have followed our own system picks and documented all our bets, so that anyone could verify them. We even got into the top 5 world cappers with ZCode™!

Independent 3rd Party Verified Results

What is ZCode™?

ZCode™ could be called a “Betting Robot” but actually it is much, much more. Let me explain. ZCode™ has been developed to provide us with winning sports predictions in:






Soccer, College Sport, Tennis etc.

One Membership

Whole Year of Sports Included!

3 steps to start making money with ZCode™ System VIP Club


Take the pick from the V.I.P. Members zone



Bet with your bookie (1 bet, no strenuous arbitrage)



Collect your cash


We have been working with so many of you and we enjoyed your input… but the real reason for going private is that we want YOU and US to keep profiting from this unique approach for a lifetime…

Because, KEY FACT:

We Hate Gambling!

If you are looking for GAMBLING ADVICE, this is not for you! We are here to make money and help YOU WIN with us! It's about investing in sports and reaping insane amounts of money every single month. If you like the thrill of potentially losing your bet, try blackjack or poker. We do NOT follow sports for the sake of gambling, nor are we sports fanatics... This is a business for us and strictly so!

We Do It For The Money

However, not everything is gravy... because it's all about the timing...

Yes, Ron, Mike and Steve, I want to Join The ZCode™ “Inner Circle” Of Sports Investors.

Let me Become A Full-Time Member Now!

YES! I understand I get to join the ZCode™ Private Club and receive all future updates for free as a part of my membership with no extra costs. This includes NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL sport predictions & picks and future updates for life as long as I retain my membership.

YES! I understand that, should I fail to cover the monthly membership fee, my membership will be void.

YES! I understand that ZCode™ beta is an on-going development, which means the programmers always keep tweaking and improving it, so all updates will be included in my membership at no extra cost.

Become A Full-Time Z-Coder Now!

Only $499/month $198/month as long as you use it. You can cancel any time. Full refund guarantee! (Use Special Early Bird 15% OFF Discount Coupon: EARLYBIRD15OFF Only between 23 September 2019 and 26 September 2019! Hurry up)

ZCode™ Software can be accessed right away. You will get INSTANT ACCESS right after your purchase. For any queries or questions, please feel free to Contact Us. You will be answered asap, usually within 24 hours.

Member's Area Feedback

Important: These Comments Are STREAMED Live Out Of The Members Lounge. They Are 100% Authentic And Verifiable.

Hundreds of ZCode™ Fans

They are making a living by professionally investing in sports. You can do it too.

It's time for you to take action and become one of us. Follow the winners -> Unlock your VIP Membership. Instant Access:

Only $499/month $198/month as long as you use it. You can cancel any time. Full refund guarantee! (Use Special Early Bird 15% OFF Discount Coupon: EARLYBIRD15OFF Only between 23 September 2019 and 26 September 2019! Hurry up)

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